Awal Centre for Studies and Documentation

Awal Centre for Studies and Documentation is a Bahraini institution established in London in 2012. It is concerned with Gulf issues in general and Bahraini issues in particular. It aims at preserving the Bahraini national memory by documenting all typewritten and digital records linked to this memory and keeping pace with emerging events.

Awal’s documentation and archiving project aims at enabling every researcher, specialist and student to have access to documents and references related to Bahrain, and benefit from them in various fields.

Awal Centre; however, is determined to avoid selectivity in documenting facts in order to establish a Bahraini memory distant from idealism and standardization.

Awal center for studies and documentation obtained the Bahrain Records from the British Archive. The contents of the documents in these records contain the events that took place in the Gulf generally and Bahrain especially during the years extending from 1820 until 1971. These records are divided into 18 volumes.

They comprise of a large number of correspondences between Bahrain and several parties such as the British Government, the British Residency, and the Turkish and Persian Governments.

The Translation Department of the center is concerned with translating these documents. This is a process that goes through a number of stages, starting from translation, to editing, and finalizing with historical studies of the translated texts. After finishing this stage, the project becomes complete, housed in a series of volumes that unveils the historical stages which Bahrain – formerly called AWAL – experienced.

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