Information Center

Awal Centre for Studies and Documentation is a Bahraini institution established in London in February 2012. It is concerned with Gulf issues in general and Bahrain issues in particular.

The Centre aims at preserving the history of Bahrain, and keeping up with its current events.

The Centre mainly has three departments; the Documentation Department, the Translation Department and the Department of Studies.

The documentation department’s main goal is preserving the Bahraini national history by documenting all Bahrain-related documents, hard and soft copies, and keeping up with current events. It also provides access to all its Bahrain-related documents and sources, for researchers, specialists, and knowledge seekers of various fields.

The Centre aims at avoiding eclecticism while documenting the facts in order to establish a Bahraini history as far as possible from stereotyping and idealism.

The translation department is currently in the midst of translating the “Records of Bahrain”from the British Archives. This broad translation project, from English into Arabic, started in 2012 and is conducted by a team of professional native and near-native translators, editors, and proofreaders, whose main goal is to guarantee harmony to the targets texts, providing the best results in the final revision stage.